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About Me

I am a seasoned producer and songwriter in Los Angeles providing artists, songwriters, and other music professionals with the services they need to write great songs and produce even better recordings.

Needs keys? Guitars? Backing vocals? I have a network of musicians who can add the missing pieces to your project.



A great recording starts with a great song. I can work with you at any stage of your songwriting project, whether its:

Taking your personal experiences or a chosen theme and shaping it into a song.

Adding the missing pieces (lyrics, topline melody, music) to a work in progress.

Refining a song that’s nearly complete but lacks that certain something.


I offer a range of production services for your projects, whether its start-to-finish production or “a la carte” services such as:

Recording vocals and instruments.

Building an arrangement around your song.

Mixing tracks together into a single recording.

Polishing the recording into a finished master.



My Work

My experience in writing and producing covers a wide variety of genres including pop rock, electro pop, rock, acoustic singer/songwriter, ballads, and r&b. 

My work is tailored to your vision. 

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